10 Foods You Must Avoid That Are Made in China (Filled With Pesticides, Plastic and Cancer Causing Chemicals)

China is famous for its extraordinary cuisine and the Chinese food culture is growing larger and larger every day all around the globe. Nevertheless, rumors have been spreading around that the standards have dropped low in Chinese products and people are starting to keep themselves away from Chinese goods with a very solid reason.

Another bad reputation that is still prevalent is the fake, cheap products sold all around the world via AliExpress, Amazon, and many online shopping sites. These products lack quality and they can contain prohibited substances.

Here’s a list of the 10 most substandard products from China we advise you not to blind-buy them and think twice before you make a choice.

  1. Imitation Eggs

Some Chinese websites have released instructional videos on how to make $70 a day by producing and selling fake eggs. The chemicals that are needed are alginic acid, potassium alum, gelatin, calcium chloride, water and artificial color.”The eggshells are made from calcium carbonate. Eating these eggs may cause memory-loss and dementia.

  1. Baby Formula

47 people were accused of producing fake instant baby formula in 2004 that led to dozens of children dying in Fuyang, China, reported CBS News. The formula contained very few nutrients, was likely made of chalk, and made the children develop a “big head disease,” which made their heads swell and the rest of their bodies slowly deteriorate.

  1. Tilapia Fish

Tilapia is the most commonly fish-farmed in China. These fish are some of the worst, most toxic and unhealthy fish that you can stumble upon. A tilapia fish will eat anything, similar to a bottom-feeder fish and fish farming is a small pool of waste water that the fish live in.

  1. Chinese Apple Juice

Believe it or not approximately 50% of the apple juice sold in the United States comes from China. China is the LARGEST pesticide producing country in the world and they haven’t even begun to address pesticide or chemical residue on foods. I recommend completely avoiding apple juice, for yourself and your children.

  1. Mod Sold as Black Pepper

A market vendor in China’s Guangdong Province gathered local mud and sold it as black pepper, while their white pepper was mainly made out of flour. His excuse for justifying selling these fake items was that they would not kill people.

  1. Chicken

In 2013 the US Department of Agriculture affirmed the sale of Chinese chicken in America. Many food safety experts are worried about the quality of this chicken as China is a country where avian influenza and food-borne illness are often. Beyond that, China produces more pesticides than any other country in the world and is polluted by not only that but mass production and industry.

  1. Fake Sweet Potato Noodles

A facility in Zhongshan city, China produced at least 5.5 tons of fake noodles. In 2011, people started accusing that what were supposed to be sweet potato noodles tasted strange. Further investigation led to a revelation that the noodles were constituted of corn with an industrial ink used to give them a purple color, and paraffin wax.

  1. Making Beef Out Of Pork

Because pork is less expensive in China, some restaurants have sold it instead of beef, but not before they performed some chemistry on it. What they use are a beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” the meat in for 90 minutes. Doctors have advised people to stay away from this fake product as its long-term use may cause “low poisoning, deformity, and even cancer.

  1. Chinese Garlic

The inspectors have also found tainted garlic from China. Garlic from China is sprayed with chemicals more than sufficiently and this garlic leaves a bad aftertaste, because of a chemical concoction. 31% of garlic sold in the US is from China.

  1. Green Peas

Green peas in China were found in 2005 and still produced today. These fake peas were manufactured with snow peas, soy beans, along with green dye and sodium metabisulfite (a chemical that is used as bleach and as a preservative). This dye is forbidden to use on products because it may cause cancer, as well as inhibit the body’s natural ability to absorb calcium. These green peas also didn’t soften when boiled and the water turned an unnatural green color. So, avoid green peas from China.

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