3 Simple At-home Exercises That Work

Aging affects your physical condition and your strength. Most people don’t work out, and their body becomes weak. This increases the risk of fall, fractures, breaks and other injuries. Your core is the tree trunk – your lower body is the roots and your upper body represents the branches.

What happens to trees during hurricanes? Your core actually keeps you stable and upright. You probably forget about this part of the body. In this article we give you a few exercises that will strengthen your core.

The benefits of core strength

When exercising, most people focus on their arms, legs and butt. But, fitness experts now encourage everybody to focus on their core. Building strong core is of utmost importance – it gives you balance and stability.

You actually engage your core muscles every day by putting your shoes on or scooping up your kid. Do you look behind you? Of course you do. You engage your core every time you take a shower, get dressed/undressed or clean the house.

Dr Wendi Weimar, Auburn University’s director of the Sports Biomechanics Laboratory, says many people can’t define their core muscles. These are the very same people that believe core and abs are the same.

The difference between abs and core

Abs are on the front of your stomach, and the core muscles involve an entire group of muscles that comprise your trunk. Here are the group of muscles that build your core:

  • Ab muscles on the front
  • Lower back muscles and glutes on the back
  • Diaphragm muscle on the top
  • Pelvic floor and hip muscles on the bottom

If you decide to focus on different parts of the body, your core is the number one priority as noted by personal trainer and owner of Strength & Performance Training, Inc.

6 best core exercises you can do at home

These exercises will take about 10 minutes, and you don’t need any equipment. They are good for your overall health, strength, mobility and balance.

1. Bridge

It strengthens the abdomen, lower back and glutes.

2. Straight leg drops

It engages the transverse abdominal muscles and obliques.

3. Front toe drops

It’s good for your core and requires a full focus on your breath.

4. Side knee drops

It helps you focus on the obliques.

5. Hip circles

These will make you focus on your inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

6. Four-point Balance

It strengthens abs and fixes balance.

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