30-Day Squat Challenge That Can Help You Get the Butt of Your Dreams


The best butt-shaping exercises are squats.

Target: Your glutes, thighs, and center.

Squats packed into a 28-day challenge can be the right choice for you to quickly and effectively shape your butt. This plan can be followed with regular workouts (running or lower body workouts) or doing it as a special workout. These exercises can even be performed at a coffee break as it will only take you 5 minutes for a session.

The First Week

The arms out Counterbalance Squat

–           The starting position is standing in front of the chair, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms outstretched in front to help balance the weight.

–           Squat until the butt comes in contact with the seat surface – but do not sit down.

–           As you go down, make sure your knees stay above your toes.

–           Returning to the starting position, push off your heels and squeeze your buttocks.

1st Day – 20 Reps

2nd Day – 30 reps

3rd Day – rest

4th Day – 20 reps

5th Day – 30 reps

6th Day – 40 reps

7th Day – rest

The Second Week

The Deep Box Squat

–           Repeat the movements from the previous exercise except that your hands are held behind your head and not stretched out in front of you.

–           For this exercise, choose a low chair so you can squat deeper.

–           Each subsequent day, continue to descend deeper until you squat and your thighs are parallel (or lower) to the ground when you are at the bottom of the squat.

8th Day – 30 Reps

9th Day – 40 reps

10th Day – rest

11th Day – 30 reps

12th Day – 40 reps

13th Day – 50 reps

14th Day – rest

The Third Week

No Chair Counterbalance Power

–           Exercise the same as the first week, but without a chair

–           Keep your arms outstretched for counterbalance.

–           The squat should be down until your thighs are parallel to the ground or lower

–           Keep your torso straight and up and your chest upright

–           The lower you go into the squat, the more efficient it is

15th Day – 20 Reps

16th Day – 30 reps

17th Day – rest

18th Day – 20 reps

19th Day – 30 reps

20th Day – 40 reps

21st Day – rest

The Fourth Week

No Chair Full Power Squat

–           The squat should be the same as in week 3 – except that you will be holding your hands behind your head and not in front of you.

–           Keep your torso upright, squeeze your buttocks toward you, push your torso through your heels, and squat as low as possible

22nd Day – 30 Reps

23rd Day – 40 reps

24th Day – rest

25th Day – 30 reps

26th Day – 40 reps

27th Day – 50 reps

28th Day – rest

After the fourth week, your shape of a but should be much better and squats will become so much more effective.

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