5 Ways to Sculpt Lean Thighs From the Floor

Most of our activities during the day require highly strong leg muscles and hip mobility, as the muscles in these areas support the body while walking, jumping, or running. Lower body strength is crucial for our overall physical fitness and health, and it can rev up metabolism.

Our lower body consists of the hips, legs, and butt, which contain some of the largest and strongest muscles of the body, needed for most of our day-to-day activities and in sports.

The lower body helps to stabilize our body and supports our everyday normal activities. This enhances the balance and agility and lowers the risk of falling and injuries. 

The strength of the lower body boosts stamina as well and helps you burn more calories.

Additionally, strengthening the lower body will soothe muscle pain and the aches due to the strain on the back, and improve body posture.

Therefore, in order to enjoy all these benefits, and tone, tighten, and strengthen the thighs and legs, try the following exercises which are the magic trick you need!

Basic Leg Lifts

On the left side with the legs stretched and the feet flexed, bend the left elbow for the left hand to support the head. Bend the knee to make a 90-degree angle, and engage the outer thigh to lift the right leg, and make a 45-degree angle. This is the starting position for most of the exercises. Hold for a few seconds, and repeat.

Leg Lift with Knee — In:


Start in the same position, and start raising the right leg by engaging the outer thigh, and form a 45-degree angle by lifting the leg off the ground. Next, bend the leg at the knee, and bring it towards the core. Release, raise the left leg again, lower it to the floor, without touching it, and repeat on the other side.

Pike Leg Pulses

From the same initial position, bring the bottom leg forward to create a 90-degree angle, and in order to align the foot and the hips. Stretch the leg, lift the top leg in the air, above hip levels, hold a few seconds, and lower it to the floor, without touching it.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Pike Knee — Ins:

Start in the same position, bring the left leg forward, and bend the knee to get a 90-degree angle, and stack the hips and shoulders, while elevating the right leg above hip-level. Bring the right knee towards the chest while engaging the core, and push it back. Repeat 10 times on both sides.

Split Leg Lifts:

Lying on the left side, supported on the left elbow, which is aligned to the shoulder, and the palm on the ground, elevate the top leg, and grab it by the ankle. Engage the core and the inner thighs and lift the bottom leg. The ankles should touch in the air, hold a bit, and lower the leg.

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