According To A Recent Study, Your Drunk Self May Actually Be The Real You

Drunk people behave a lot different than their sober version, and studies have come across an incredible discovery

A few drinks can turn the most reserved person into a dancing queen in no time! Afterwork parties are showing us a different side of people’s personalities. It’s hard to imagine your frustrated boss jumping around doing his silly dance moves, right?

It turns out that alcohol is actually a “truth serum” or “liquid courage” if you prefer it better. Spirits can make people leave their comfort zone and do things you’ve never seen them do before.

A group of psychology researchers from the University of Missouri tried to determine the true effect of alcohol. The results were published in 2017 in the Journal of Clinical Psychology Science.

Alcohol changes personality and general behavior

To get the best results, researchers split 156 participants into two groups. Those in group 1 had Sprite and vodka and the rest had Sprite. Participants were told to do a lot of activities to show their true personalities, and they were surrounded by groups of friends who had alcohol and soda.

How did alcohol affect their behavior? Were they extroverted and open? Impulsive maybe? The self-reporting was compared to the information researchers obtained two weeks prior, and participants were sober back then. They answered the same questions both sober and drunk.

Drinkers said their personalities changed while they were consuming alcohol. Outside observers didn’t notice major changes.

The “drunk you” is no one else but you. That’s just how the real you behaves. You are not more extroverted and open. You just have to learn how to unleash this person without consuming any alcohol.

Ridiculous behavior

You have probably noticed that some people act silly when they consume alcohol. Social environment and social factors make people feel like they can do so many different things. Being surrounded by close friends helps you feel good about your terrible dancing. You are not that confident at the office, right?

Have fun without alcohol     

Alcohol may give you cancer, extra points, cognitive decline, and cirrhosis. Excessive drinking will put you in a terrible situation so you better ask for help before it’s too late.

We don’t need alcohol to open up, and this study confirms it. Surround yourself with the people you love. You can try to be yourself even when you are with your colleagues or people you don’t know really well.

Don’t drink to be yourself. Don’t put your life at risk just to be more fun. Be more fun without alcohol. Cheer up and stop overthinking.

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