Clear Out Your Sinuses Using Only Your Fingers In A Matter Of Seconds

Sinus infections can be incredibly painful and miserable to deal with. From the pressure building up in your head to the constant nasal drip that can leave you with a sore throat and fever – there’s nothing pleasant about this condition.

Instead of reaching into the medicine cabinet the next time you or a loved one has a sinus infection, try one of these three effective, and all-natural, solutions.

Technique A: Apply Pressure On Your Eyebrows

If annoying sinus pressure is getting you down, this easy technique should provide instant relief. Simply apply equal pressure incrementally across your eyebrows.

Do this by first placing your fingers at the “beginning” of each brow, tilt your face forward and rest your head in your hands (with your elbows on a flat surface).

The second you feel the sinus pressure shift, move onto the middle part of the brows. Hold this until you feel the pressure shift once again and work your fingers to the “ends” of your eyebrows. After you reach the end of your eyebrows, move your fingers in a circular motion.

This process should help relieve your sinus pressure headaches in a matter of seconds!

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Technique B: Try A Mini-Massage

Not only are mini-massages great for relieving stress, but a targeted acupressure massage can work wonders on a stuffy head!

By repeatedly pressing against the notch (round part) of your collarbone with a firm finger, you’ll be able to stimulate the flow of your stuffed-up mucus. After doing this, you’ll feel your ears unpop and open completely!

A second way to use a mini-massage to your benefit is to cross your hands into a “V” shape and pump the sides of your neck. This will also stimulate your body into moving its lymph fluid and clearing you of bothersome sinus pressure!

If you are a visual learner, check out the great demonstration in the video below!

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Technique C: Use Your Tongue, Too

Now you can combine a bit of the previous two methods by using your finger and your tongue to clear any backed up sinuses!

All you have to do is press your tongue on the roof of your mouth as hard as you can while also pressing your finger on the skin between your eyebrows. Hold this for 15-20 seconds and you’ll be able to stimulate the flow of mucus out of your head.

If that still hasn’t loosened the mucus completely, try alternating between pressing the roof of your mouth and the skin between the eyebrows for 10 seconds each!

For even more guidance on this unusual technique, watch the helpful video below.

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