Girls Do You Know What Is The Purpose of Small Pocket In Your Underwear?

You may never have noticed this, but there is a little pocket in the underwear you normally wear. It’s hardly noticeable because it is of the same color as that of the underwear itself. Nonetheless, it’s in the form of a flap on the underwear area that covers the vagina.

This pocket or gusset is a typical feature of women’s underwear; made from breathable, moisture-absorbing material that is useful in the prevention of vaginal yeast infections. The reason it resembles a pocket is that it’s just stitched on one end and along the sides.

Now if you’re wondering what’s the sense behind having this extra piece of fabric to protect a woman’s genitals, then you should know that said genitals are a very sensitive part of a woman’s body.

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There are so many causes for irritability, or inflammation, in this particular part of your body resulting from something as trivial as a soap change or…wearing the wrong kind of underwear.
So, apart from comfort, the real reason why women’s underwear has a pocket is that of making your underwear breathable; giving protection from the underwear’s internal seams, keeping you dry, and reducing chances for the overgrowth of yeast and unhealthy bacteria.

Importance of a pocket in women’s underwear

You can’t even begin to realize how irritated, or vulnerable to a bacteria infection, you could be if underwears weren’t manufactured with this pocket.
This panty gusset is usually of double thickness and when observed in different manufacture of underwear, you will see that it’s normally sewn at both ends with concealed seams and…this is no easy task.

Therefore, cheaper underwear brands simply use one seam. The end result of which is the gusset is not attached at one end; leaving a pocket-like opening.
Now, the story behind what the pocket in women’s underwear is for. To start with, not all underwear is made of the same material. They are made of silk, cotton, or synthetic material. Silk is smooth and keeps the private parts free of irritation.

The best underwear to buy is the one that is made from soft material; synthetic materials like lace should be avoided. Naturally produced cotton or silk is the preferred option for underwear material. They can be expensive but they are worth paying for.

The pocket or gusset is considered to be more hygienic; lowering the risk of unwanted yeast infections and urinary tract infections by ensuring your underwear is more breathable.
Moreover, gussets are mostly made from cotton; this non-synthetic fabric is breathable and keeps your genitals dry and ventilated.

Fancy underwear is usually made out of nylon, rayon, or other non-breathable fabrics. These fabrics can cause maceration (skin damage) and infection; emphasizing the need for a gusset.
The gusset is a soft and comfortable lining that protects your genitals from friction. Synthetic materials aren’t all that comfortable; bare lace can scratch your sensitive skin and cause a build-up in bacteria and sweat.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know why there’s a pocket in women’s underwear, it is advisable that for all-day wear you choose underwear made from cotton or other breathable fabrics. These are healthier than synthetics.

You can wear fancy lacy underwear for short periods, but be sure to change into cotton afterward. Comfortable and breathable underwear keeps you dry and friction-free; protecting you from yeast infection and other types of skin irritation.

Although cotton panties don’t hold the same visual appeal as the lacy ones, they have more to offer in terms of comfort and protection against a yeast infection.

Finally, and most importantly, you should change your underwear daily. If you keep re-using your underwear without giving them a proper wash, then bacteria and sweat will accumulate regardless of there being a pocket or not.

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