If Your Husband Does These 13 Things, You Hit The Marriage Jackpot

Sometimes we wonder if we have made the right choice by marrying our spouse. However, if you are in doubt, these 13 things can help you find out if your partner is the right person for you.

1.He encourages and inspires you

Daily routine can often make us stuck and forget to take care of each other. However, a great husband will never forget to support you and your dreams. He will make sure you know he will always be there for you no matter how big or small your dream is.

2.He can comfort and calm you

If your husband is the first person you go to when you feel like the world is crushing around you, then you have made the right choice. He always knows how to calm you down and he is there for you for good and bad things.

3.He still flirts with you

Being married doesn’t mean you should not try to find new ways to love the same person. If your partner still tries to flirt with you and keep the charm alive, it means he is head over health for you and he will never want to let that sparkle die.

4.He works hard

He will put equal effort in your marriage just as much as he does in his career and hobbies. If he helps you with everything, you have married a winner.

5.He loves spending time with you

Happy couples will always find alone time just for themselves. Even if you are having a fight, he still wants to be around just because of the comforting feeling your presence provides for him. If he is there even for activities he doesn’t enjoy, you have a wonderful partner.

6.He loves and respects his mother

If he respects his mother and takes good care for her, he is prepared to do the same for you too. Keep in mind that his mother is the first love of his life, and his bond with her will reflect the way he treats other women, including you.

7.He compliments you often

Everyday activities make us forget to cherish the normal and small stuff. However, if he still gives you compliments, he is proud and happy to have you in his life.

8.He is selfless

Unconditional love and selflessness are very important for a healthy relationship. If he loves you like this, you can be sure he will also love your children that way, if not even more.

9.He often says “I love you”

We express love differently, however the most common ways are physical touch as well as words of affirmation. These three simple words can change you day and even your entire life.

10.You are his number one priority

He values your happiness a lot and he will never do anything to make you unhappy. He will avoid the things you hate and he will also try to keep his promises just to avoid letting you down.

11.He surprises you

He will surprise you with spontaneous date, flowers or a sudden short trip just to make you smile. He will want to plan something to sweep you off your feet, just to make you happy.

12.You are a team

Being married also means you need to be patient. You have to accept each other’s quirks such as doing your job, taking care of your kids and the house, and the only way to achieve this is to work as a team. This is always easy to achieve with the right person.

13.He admits when he is wrong

This trait is extremely important because many relationships crumble if the partners are not ready to admit their mistakes.


If you recognize most of these things in your partner, you probably have a smile on your face. Never doubt your partner, even though you don’t appreciate him sometimes, he still loves you. Tell him how much he means to you right now. Be grateful for the person beside you and take good care of your marriage.

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