One Simple Teaspoon of This Will Help You Lose 3 Times More Body Fat

If you are one of those who often fight with weight loss, you already know that one in such situation would try various methods to achieve the aim. Well, newest scientific research confirms that spices are the new powerful tool against excess weight.

According to some studies, cumin is extremely effective in stimulating weight loss, while naturally decreasing cholesterol and fat in the body. Its seeds, for instance, are believed to be extremely efficient in reducing body fat, detoxifying the liver, for lowering blood pressure, stimulating digestion, reducing fluid retention and alleviating skin problems.

A Saudi Arabian study revealed that the healing properties of cumin come from its high content of thymoquinone, the key bioactive ingredient of the oil extracted from cumin seeds.

This miraculous spice is a powerful antioxidant, which protects the liver, kidneys, stomach and the digestive system. Cumin also possesses anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties. It strengthens the immune and destroys any harmful microorganisms.

Cumin and Obesity

Modern living, unhealthy diets and inactive lifestyles has led to the emergence of obesity, as a predominant disease of modern age, with a very high percentage of diseased in U.S. What is even more threatening is the fact that excess weight leads to even more serious health conditions, such as immune dysfunction and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cumin can be used as a powerful tool for the prevention of these health issues due to the fact that it stimulates weight loss, as numerous studies confirm. T

Traditional herbal ingredients, like cumin, green tea and black Chinese tea are recommended to be a part of weight loss regimes by all nutritionists, since all of them are effective tools against obesity. Consistent consumption of cumin combined with regular exercise for eight weeks can be extremely beneficial leading to considerable weight loss.

One Iranian study which was conducted on sedentary, overweight women, proved that the combination of cumin with aerobic exercises gives amazing results, and leads to lower cholesterol levels. It discovered low-density lipoprotein in those who included cumin in their diet, unlike those that never used it.

Note that cumin should not be used c in case of a surgery as it increases the risk of extra bleeding and complications with blood sugar. Cumin slows down blood clotting and decreases the blood sugar.  This powerful spice should also be avoided in case of pregnancy.

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