She Spilled Baking Soda On The Bed And When You See Why, You Will Do The Same! (Video)

We are sorry to disappoint you, but the mattresses you are using every single day are the perfect environment for the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

Changing the linens just won’t do the cleaning for you, as the dust, dirt, sweat, and other body fluids pass through the sheets and end up in the mattress.

However, we are going to present a video which will reveal a way to eliminate them in a simple way!

Believe it or not, all you need to clean the mattresses is some baking soda, as it is extremely successful in destroying bacteria.

Vacuum the mattress well, and then spill some baking soda over it. This will effectively disinfect it, and the vacuuming will eliminate the accumulated dust. After a while, add some essential oil to some water, and use this solution to spray the mattress. And give it a pleasant smell!

Watch out the video below for additional information:


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