This Is What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About Your Health!

7. Squared off

This shape is often known as the “H” shape. For people who have such b*tt shapes, they have some excess weight in their b*tts as well as their love handles.

6. Round Shaped

This shape, also known as the “O” shapes, usually denotes that the person maintains a healthy life, but probably stores relatively more fat in their b*tts.

5. Heart Shaped b*tt

One of the best-shaped b*tts, this shape usually is associated with a thin waist and a curvy body.

4. “V” For Very Low Oestrogen

This kind of a shape denotes that the person is suffering from low estrogen.

3. What Shape Do You Have?

Most people think that big b*tts don’t look good, but that is hardly the case. Bubble b*tt seems to be the most popular choice, and Kim Kardashian has a huge role behind that.

2. Choose Your b*tt

Usually, the b*tts have more weight is most women. The shape is the only thing that matters, and that is what makes you attractive.

1. Shape Reviews

These four shapes are the most common among women; the pear or the heart shape, along with the round one denote the healthiest person.

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